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A three step face renewing skin care routine for glowing, smooth skin. First, a Beauty Warrior Face Mask to clarify skin and remove impurities - a crucial step to start with a clean base. The Ultimate Bakuchiol Booster Oil, a gentle yet effective retinol alternative that helps improve the appearance of skin. Bakuchiol extract helps to increase skin cell turnover and promotes collagen production in skin. Use it as face oil or add 1 drop of it to your favourite moisturiser to supercharge it. And not forgetting, the lines around the lips, our favourite creamy lip mask now comes with Bakuchiol, that can plump and help improve the appearance of wrinkles and lines around the lips.

Lastly, add on our adorable Fabulous Hair Turban to complete your self care pamper sesh. Because you deserve to look extra cute, even at home in your PJs.

This Renewing Face Set contains: 
1x The Ultimate Bakuchiol Booster Oil
1x Cocolicious Luscious Lip Mask with Bakuchiol
1x Beauty Warrior Face Mask (Australian Pink Clay OR French Green Clay)
1x FREE The Fabulous Hair Turban
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