RM139.90 MYR
Curves ahead! We’re commencing operation, SMOOTH! In collaboration with So Lingerie, the Smooth Like Butter Kit is inspired by heroes like YOU - and we can all agree, heroes too, need a break.

Featuring our very own body scrubs (Satsuma Orange Coffee Body Scrub/Rose Petals Body Scrub, whichever you’re feeling) and a WILLA Bralette from So Lingerie of your choice; we want you to Take 5 with PRIDE - as you channel your main character with our buttery goods (0 cals btw 😉 ).

The Smooth Like Butter Kit contains:
1 x Handmade Heroes Body Scrub of your choice (Satsuma Orange or Rose Petals)
1 x WILLA Bralette from So Lingerie of your choice
1 x Smooth Like Butter Kit gift box

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