5 women share what they really think of The Ultimate Bakuchiol Booster Oil

If you’ve been around us for a while, you’d notice that we pride ourselves in using real and natural ingredients here at Handmade Heroes. A beautiful parallel to that is knowing that the products we make are used by real people with a whole spectrum of different skin types—all natural and completely deserving of only the best.

The launch of The Ultimate Bakuchiol Booster Oil was a special one. Because of the immense research that went into it, its fine-tuned composition and the miracle-working ingredient it features, we managed to deliver a skin care powerhouse that has changed the game for so many of you!

We spoke to five women to hear their thoughts on their journey with using the product. From getting surprised by their own reflection in the mirror to buying the booster oil as a V-day gift for a bestie, these ladies had quite a lot to say. Read on for their reviews!

Irene, 30

The first thing that caught my eye with The Ultimate Bakuchiol Booster Oil was its purple colour and its name that I thought was a pun on ‘bak kut teh’ and the Hokkien word ‘chio’ which means pretty (hahaha)! Before I used the product, I had already sworn off oil-based formulas because they tend to leave me with a sticky feeling. But to my amazement, the Bakuchiol oil has a non-tacky texture and my skin felt supple after using it! It also does not make my skin feel tingly as retinol sometimes would.

Because it’s suitable for combination skin types, I’m finally able to apply an oil-based product over my entire face, cater to the dry areas, and not worry that I’d end up excessively oily! I like the product so much I even bought it for my best friend during Valentine’s Day!

Yen, 25

I actually spent days researching and reading reviews on Handmade Heroes’ Ultimate Bakuchiol Booster Oil before deciding to give it a shot. First impressions: packaging is top-notch, scent is subtle, and the oil sinks into the skin rather quickly without leaving any stickiness. 

Prior to using Bakuchiol oil, I experienced flakiness around my forehead and redness at the edges of my nose. But after a week of applying three to four drops nightly before my moisturiser, I saw improvements! I’ve not looked back since. I am now on to my second bottle—my skin is glowing everyday! This product in five words? “Say hello to better skin.”

Michelle, 27

I heard about Bakuchiol on TikTok where many people were raving about it! When I discovered how it worked and compared to retinol, I was intrigued. I love how Bakuchiol carries the same benefits as retinol but unlike the way the latter could irritate the skin, the gentle nature of Bakuchiol makes it so much easier to incorporate into my current routine.

I have dry and sensitive skin that has been suffering from acne for the past year. In just three weeks of use, it was incredible to see how my skin smoothened out and acne scars began to fade. There was purging in the first two weeks but I pushed through and I saw drastic improvement! I’m already saving up for my next purchase and can’t wait to try using it alongside the clay mask. Wrapping up, I’d say, “stick it through and see results.”

Sit Teng, 29 

It was when I was looking for an anti-ageing product that’s good for sensitive skin that I stumbled upon The Ultimate Bakuchiol Booster Oil. Despite retinol being more popular, I opted to give Bakuchiol a try as it is a gentler alternative with similar properties. Knowing that the Handmade Heroes’ product is made only with natural ingredients also left a great impression.

I really love how its faint fragrance does not overwhelm and the way the lightweight formula leaves my skin feeling super supple and moisturised without a sticky and greasy finish. My T-zone tends to be oily and blemish-prone but after adding the Bakuchiol booster oil into my day and night routine, the area is noticeably less oily and produces fewer blemishes. I think the product does a great job at balancing out my skin while keeping it hydrated. It works wonders and is perfect for my sensitive skin!

Joyce, 30

When I first tried Handmade Heroes’ latest release, it was my first experience with a product containing Bakuchiol. Initial thoughts of The Ultimate Bakuchiol Booster Oil? I love that it’s light and gentle, and I find that they’ve formulated a product with the ingredients in just the right proportions. The scent is just right too!

With nightly use, I have realised that my skin looks smoother, tighter and brighter. In fact, now I get surprised in the mornings—my “just woke up” face does not look that bad! Just a few drops needed and it works wonders. I would definitely recommend and repurchase the product. It’s a must-try; a natural product at its  best.

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Opening words by Alyssa Lee

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