Lip-Loving 101: Exfoliation!

Okay Heroes, picture this:

You're all set to take that perfect selfie or smooch your boo, but your lips just aren't it. They’re dry, flaky and even a lil crusty– basically they’re killing your vibe and even dabbing on a lil lip balm isn’t helping anymore.

While we're all about embracing natural beauty, a little TLC for your lips can go a long way. That's where lip exfoliation enters the scene – a game-changer that's not just about the look, but an essential for keeping your lips looking (and feeling!) plush, juicy and ready for that close-up!

Breaking Down Lip Exfoliation:

Lip exfoliation is the move– you’re bidding adieu to dead skin cells on your lips, much like you do for the skin on your face. It's not just about rocking smooth, luscious lips, though. It's about taking care of these delicate canvases that do more than just look pretty – they talk, they emote, they kiss. Trust us, they deserve some pampering! And, we have just the tips (and products) to master it.

5 Reasons Why Lip Exfoliation Matters!

  1. Texture Makeover: Imagine your lips as a canvas— a very thin and delicate one at that! And the dead skin cells are just tiny hurdles in the way of a masterpiece. Exfoliation gives these hurdles a run for their money, revealing a silky, velvety texture that feels as good as it looks.
  2. Hydration Boost: Dead skin cells are like that clingy friend who won't let the good stuff in. Exfoliation opens up the door for lip balms and masks to work their magic and let great ingredients like mango butter and hyaluronic acid seep in deeply.
  3. Masterpiece Time: Notice how your lipstick, gloss or even balm doesn’t sit well when your pout is dry? That’s why exfoliation is so important before makeup. It sets the stage for these products, making them glide on like a dream. Say goodbye to uneven application and hello to lip perfection!
  4. Natural Lip Filler Anyone?: Who needs the needles when you've got exfoliation plus it’ll give your pout a natural blush? Sign us up! It gets the blood flowing to your lips, leaving them looking uber plump with a natural rosy tint!
  5. Age Ain't Nothing But a Number: Lips can age, too, but here's the antidote: exfoliation. It's like a reboot button for your lips, promoting fresh, youthful cells and keeping those fine lines at bay. Plus, seal them with a lip product with anti-aging properties and your lips will look amazing forever! (Bakuchiol Lip Mask? 🙈)

So Here’s The 🔑 To A Baby Soft Pout:

Not a million steps, just good vibes – that's the mantra for exfoliating your lips.

  1. Choose Wisely: Get a lip scrub that's got your lips' back. Steer clear of the harsh stuff; your lips are delicate and deserve the best. Look for lip scrubs that aren’t just gritty but infused with nourishing oils to massage into your lips as the dead skin leaves.
    Just look at our Cocolicious Luscious Lip Scrub. It has ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, and even Vitamin E!
  2. Easy Does It: Apply the exfoliant using gentle circular motions, let the grit do the work.
  3. Seal the Deal: After the exfoliation, seal the deal with a moisturising lip mask. Lock in the goodness and let your lips soak in the goodness.
    We’d recommend our original Cocolicious Luscious Lip Mask full of ​​mango butter, cocoa butter and hyaluronic acid. Or for an extra boost, try our Bakuchiol Lip Mask to help fight fine lines, pigmentation and keeps your lips looking fresh!

Let's face it – lip exfoliation might not be the first thing on your mind when you're scrolling through life's to-dos.
But if you're in need of a quick and easy confidence booster, it's time to give those lips some love. So, pucker up, buttercup, and give your lips the star treatment they deserve. Your future self(ies) will thank you!

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