The battle of the actives: Bakuchiol vs Retinol

Retinol, the vitamin A derivative and over-the-counter darling of the dermatology world. Bakuchiol, a gentler alternative and new kid on the block that has gotten beauty aficionados gushing. Peas in a pod or apples and oranges?

There is no denying that both active ingredients work wonders in almost exact ways. They boost collagen for plumper, brighter skin; increase cell turnover to even out skin tone; and are both fabulous in the youth preservation department. But where do the similarities end and how does one decide which to use?

Here’s the lowdown.

The elevator pitch for Bakuchiol is often this: a natural retinol-alternative without the drawbacks. For the uninitiated, said drawbacks of retinol could include irritation, redness, and flaky, peeling skin—not the most pleasant side effects and especially so for those with sensitive skin!

Gradual introduction of the active, in low concentrations can help the skin build up a tolerance to the ingredient but in the same vein, users tend to experience a plateau in efficacy when using retinol and would need to move up to stronger formulas eventually. Plus, products containing retinol don’t tend to play well with other active ingredients and have to be carefully incorporated into any skin care regimen to avoid inciting skin sensitivity or damage.

 Whew! Is the price of beauty always that steep? Our answer: nope!

Bakuchiol affects key cell pathways just as retinol does and is clinically proven to match its anti-ageing properties. Yet, it is better tolerated by the skin (sensitive skin gang, rejoice!) and can be used alongside an existing routine without the slow acclimatisation period. In fact, we recommend using the Handmade Heroes Ultimate Bakuchiol Booster Oil twice a day to reap its full benefits. Bakuchiol also has an added advantage of being anti-bacterial, which can quell and prevent breakouts!                                                                                                                 

Bonus fact: retinol is a synthetic derivative that can be obtained from animal sources. Bakuchiol, on the other hand, is naturally derived from plants and is vegan (and halal!). Well, if you didn’t already know, at Handmade Heroes, we’re all about keeping it au naturel.

 Try Bakuchiol out for yourself and discover what The Ultimate Bakuchiol Duo can do for you today!


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Words by Alyssa Lee

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