What makes our lip mask so good?

  • Our Cocolicious Luscious Lip Mask is all natural, vegan and cruelty free. This lip mask is made 100% pure and natural. No petroleum, mineral oil and completely plant based. A luxurious treat for your skin with no synthetic chemicals, artificial flavourings or colourings added. 

Does this contain any fragrances or flavourings?

  • No, this doesn't! The Cocolicious Luscious Lip Mask is fragrance-free and the light scent comes all naturally from the mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vanilla fruit extract.

Can this be used everyday?

  • Yes, you can! Our Cocolicious Luscious Lip Mask is formulated for daily use, especially at night to cradle your lips to sleep.

How long will a jar of lip mask last me?

  • It depends how frequently you use it. If it's used once daily at night, it should last you about 6-8 months.