Do mushrooms have a place in skincare? The results speak for themselves.

Not exactly the first ingredient that comes to mind when you think “skincare”. But do mushrooms deserve a spot on our beauty shelves as much as they do in our soup? 

Within the vast kingdom of weird and wonderful fungi, there are around 150,000 species of mushrooms alone and they represent a massively untapped source of vitamins, minerals, ceramides and antioxidants, amongst a slew of other nutritive and regenerative riches. It has even been put forward in scientific studies that mushrooms rank among the most ideal ingredients in personal care products

Let’s zero in on one species that has, for centuries, made waves in countries like China, Japan and Korea: the snow mushroom. Call it a snow ‘shroom, snow fungus, silver ear, white tree jelly or tremella mushroom—the fluffy cloud-like entity may not look particularly formidable but it is, in reality, a force of nature. Its white gelatinous fruiting body has been traditionally revered in the making of beauty elixirs, depended upon to cure various ailments, and consumed for its properties, texture and taste.

Thou shall not judge a ‘shroom by its frills, we say! Scroll down for all the ways snow fungi bring an avalanche of benefits when utilised in skincare and of course, the reasons why we shone a spotlight on this ingredient in our thirst-quenching bestseller The Ultimate Snow Shroom Hyaluronic Acid Serum.


Snow mushrooms open the floodgates

It’s no coincidence that the quest for youth is invariably tethered to the proverbial fountain from which vitality springs. With a surge of hydration comes better skin elasticity, resilience, smoothness, oil-control and fewer wrinkles—who wouldn’t want that? 

So, while others plod along on their hunt for the elusive fountain, we’ll let you in on a secret: the magic has always been within mushrooms! 

When zoomed in, each snow mushroom frond contains long-chain sugars called polysaccharides that work in a very similar way to hyaluronic acid (HA). These complex molecules draw and retain water through the formation of an invisible film across the skin that locks moisture in at the surface while hydrating particles from the tremella deliver water content to layers beneath. In fact, said particles are even smaller than those of HA, which means they penetrate the skin more quickly and effectively.

This restores optimal water content, stabilises the skin barrier and makes for results so dazzling, it has coined its own name, “The Tremella Effect” A.K.A. plumped, pliable, and pillowy skin!

Snow mushrooms fight your battles

In normal situations, “choosing your battles” would sound like sage advice. However, when it comes to our skin, a battle not fought is a battle lost. Thankfully, powerful active ingredients can offer an all-rounded approach to a myriad of skin issues. Case in point: snow mushrooms have over 18 different types of amino acids that collectively inhibit inflammation, accelerate wound healing, target free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and minimise acne.

Besides having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, skincare with snow mushroom extract can impede premature sagging of the skin. Tremella polysaccharides increase elastin fibres and have protective effects which prevent the death of collagen synthesising cells, hence ticking the anti-ageing box as well. 

Snow mushrooms have got serious BDE

When compared to its mainstream ‘shroom friends, what snow mushrooms lack in “structural integrity”, they make up for in BDE—“Big (Vitamin) D Energy”.

Snow mushrooms are excellent sources of vitamin D and a wonderful solution to the inevitable deterioration of our skin’s innate ability to produce it between the ages of 20–70. To avoid early onset signs of ageing, vitamin D is essential for skin cell growth and repair, and the preservation of skin barrier functions. Topical applications have even yielded superb skin healing results on acne lesions and wounds.

Due to high amounts of the fat-soluble vitamin present in tremella, it also takes on a part in boosting hydration for supple skin.

We wrap this story up with a throwback for the ages. In ancient China, there lived an imperial concubine of the Tang Dynasty named Yang Guifei. Admired far and wide for her flawless skin and matchless allure, she was granted the recognition of being one of the “four greatest beauties” in all the realm. When quizzed about her secret, it is said she happened to credit a certain snowy ‘shroom...

Any guesses? 

Join the hype—it’s Yang Guifei approved. Shop The Ultimate Snow Shroom Hyaluronic Acid Serum here.




Words by Alyssa Lee

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