Flying High: Elevating Your In-Flight Skincare Routine

Flying can be exhilarating — the anticipation of adventure, the promise of new experiences, but let's be real, it can also wreak havoc on your skin. The dry, recycled air of the cabin combined with the stress of travel can leave your skin feeling as parched af. But fear not, jet-setters! With a little preparation and a healthy dash of pampering, you can arrive at your destination glowing like Taylor Swift stepping off her private jet!

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So fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff as we delve into the ultimate in-flight skincare routine.

Step #1: Pre-flight Prep!


Before you even step foot on the plane, it's essential to lay the groundwork for your in-flight spa experience. Start by thoroughly cleansing your face with a gentle, hydrating cleanser to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup. This will ensure that your skin is a clean canvas ready to soak up all the nourishing goodness you're about to indulge in.

Next up, exfoliation! Use a mild exfoliator to slough away dead skin cells and reveal the fresh, radiant skin beneath. This step is crucial for maintaining a healthy complexion, especially when you're about to spend hours in the dry, pressurised environment of an airplane cabin.

Once your skin is squeaky clean and smooth as silk, it's time to hydrate! Apply a generous layer of moisturiser to lock in moisture and create a protective barrier against the dehydrating effects of flying. Look for a moisturiser that's rich in nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides to keep your skin plump and supple throughout the flight.

Step #2: In-Flight Skincare Savvy!

Now that you're settled into your seat and cruising at 30,000 feet, it's time to kick your in-flight skincare routine into high gear. Start by spritzing your face with a refreshing facial mist to rehydrate and invigorate your skin. Opt for a mist infused with soothing ingredients like rose water or aloe vera to calm any redness or irritation caused by the dry cabin air.

Next, treat your skin to a luxurious sheet mask for the ultimate mid-flight pampering session. Sheet masks are a godsend for thirsty skin, delivering a concentrated dose of hydrating and nourishing ingredients in a convenient, mess-free package. Pop one on, sit back, and relax as your skin drinks up all the goodness.


While you're masking away, don't forget to show some love to your lips and eyes! Apply a thick layer of lip balm to keep your pout soft and kissable, and dab on some eye cream to combat puffiness and dark circles. Trust me, your skin will thank you later.

To seal the deal and lock in all that moisture, finish off your in-flight skincare routine with a lightweight facial oil. Oils are fantastic multitaskers, providing both hydration and nourishment to leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and radiant. Gently massage a few drops of oil onto your face and neck, and voila! You're ready to touch down looking like you just stepped out of a spa.


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Step #3: Post-flight Pampering:

As much as we'd love to believe that our in-flight skincare routine is a one-and-done deal, the truth is that your skin may need some extra TLC once you've landed. Upon arrival at your destination, treat your skin to a thorough cleanse to remove any impurities that may have accumulated during the flight. Follow up with a hydrating mask or a rich moisturiser to replenish lost moisture and revive tired, dull skin!

And there you have it — the ultimate in-flight skincare routine to keep you glowing from departure to arrival. 

With a little preparation and a few skincare essentials in your carry-on, you can say goodbye to dry, lacklustre skin and hello to complexion perfection, no matter how far your travels take you. But our most absolute and all-skin type friendly advice? 

Hydration Hydration Hydration! You can sneak a cheeky glass of champagne or coffee here and there but try to stick to water (and tons of it!) mainly; we all know how drying cabins can be.


So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey — your skin will thank you for it!

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